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If your business has a website, and you stay up to day on the latest digital marketing and SEO news, you have probably heard of “Mobilegeddon.” Mobilegeddon happened on April 21, 2015 and it was a BIG DEAL! It was Google’s “mobile-friendly” search engine update and it introduced mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in mobile search results.

It did not take very long for webmasters to start seeing a drop in mobile traffic and rankings on their non-mobile optimized websites. Since over half on the internet traffic comes from mobile devices, if your website is not mobile, you are missing out on potential business.

Google makes major updates to their search algorithms that decide which sites rank higher than others and which one’s don’t. Since most of Google’s ranking factors are not well known, Mobilegeddon was considered very important because it was predicted to affect all websites months ahead of time.

The main reason Google did this was to ensure a user-friendly experience for those mobile users accessing a website. As a business owner, you would never want to annoy someone that lands on your website to a competitor whose sit can be easily navigated.

If you don’t know if your website is mobile friendly, simply use our link to test it out >>

Here Are 5 Ways to Use Mobile to Your Advantage:

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