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Mobile Marketing Kiosk

Tablet Landing Pages

A Mobile Marketing Kiosk allows your customers to quickly and easily enter their mobile numbers via a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone Device and opt into receive SMS marketing messages.

Sometimes its not easy to access your smartphone. Mobile campaigns build databases faster when you provide your customers with these tablet landing pages.

Our¬†Marketing Kiosks can seamlessly integrate loyalty, rewards, social and mobile marketing. With your customer’s permission, you can easily and effectively communicate to your customer base.

For years mobile marketers have struggled with “average” opt-in rates with traditional mobile campaigns. With the Marketing Kiosk, businesses are seeing a 500-1,000% increase in Participation Rates.

Mobile Marketing Kiosk Examples

Text 2 Win

Text Keyword PROFIT to 63975 for a chance to win a Mobile Marketing Package Valued at OVER $500.

Big Event

See how this organization got over 750 opt-ins in one afternoon using our Mobile Marketing Kiosk.