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Build. Engage. Grow.

We will guide your business through implementing and managing a successful lead generation and online strategy to:

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Improve lead generation and conversion rates
  • Provide a consistent message to your target audience through all social media platforms.

So how much do we charge for our services? The shortest, easiest (and, admittedly, the least satisfying) answer to this question is this: “it varies – a lot.”

Typically, our clients choose one of the options below and once we have a comprehensive understanding on what they wish to accomplish, we customize our services to meet their specific needs.

Please review the “Options” and “Scope of Work” below…

We Appreciate You

Thank you for considering us to be your “go-to” Agency of choice!

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Your Options

NOTE: Month-to-Month | No Cancellation Fee

Scope of Work

We typically propose the following initial direction on how we would consider executing.  This, of course, is fluid as the most important feature of a successful strategy is in the conversations we will have.

Design a “Lead Generation and Conversion” path that is professional, engaging, and matches your brand vision.  This includes reviewing and improving the current landing page, adding additional landing pages to capture leads based on a variety of interests, and, most importantly, creating a drip marketing follow up system to increase conversions and referrals.

Create a social media strategy to increase conversions and leads:

  • Ad costs will be limited to retargeting and Facebook and costly pay per click advertising would be avoided.  Facebook offers the ability to target based on age, interest, location, etc.
  • Ads will target specific geographical areas for growth, for cementing the brand in areas of current concentrated business, promoting events, etc.  The goal will be to either get the audience to the landing page, the website, or to a local event.
  • Activity on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter will be targeted towards brand recognition and engagement.

Ensure a consistent, engaging image across platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, based on the demographics of those platforms.

  • Content would be repurposed from the blog and website content but featured in engaging formats.
  • Guidance will be given for best use of video, graphics, and copy and we would work in conjunction with your Marketing Team for your in-house production.

NOTE: Based on our conversations, there may be additional customization of services and pricing needed.

We will guide your business through implementing and managing a successful social media and online strategy to create brand recognition and awareness to your target audience.

We believe in taking a hands on approach when it comes to managing social media, but more importantly building relationships with real people (fans, followers, consumers, etc.) who interact with brands online.

Thank you for checking out this proposal!

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