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Are You Ready For Video and Picture Messaging?

Video and Picture Messaging Texting is fast becoming the communication medium of choice. It is also becoming the preferred marketing method for many businesses.

The technical term for texting is SMS (Short Messaging Service). Recently, a more robust service is growing in popularity called MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service). Being just as convenient and immediate as text messaging, MMS Marketing offers a dramatic difference: Instead of plain text, a message can now include audio, video, color, and animation.

Let Your Images Do the Talking

Open Up A Whole New World Of Possibilities

The main difference between SMS and MMS is that text messages are limited to 160 characters, or about 140 bytes of information, whereas multimedia messages have a much greater allowance on size … and almost limitless text characters.

Another feature of multimedia messages is that they land in the inbox of the mobile device which can be forwarded to the recipient’s contacts … and go viral from there. This function, together with the enhanced content, creates exciting marketing opportunities.