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It’s Local Search Made Easy

Your search for the perfect marketing solution for your business ends now!

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners use our technologies and services to steal business from their competition.

Our solutions promote local visibility on desktop and mobile devices the moment consumers search for your products or services online. Add our suite of tools to your arsenal and leave the heavy lifting to us!

We can put you in hundreds of places including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, GPS Devices, Facebook Places, the online Yellow Pages and many more!

Local Online Presence Management

Having your business data – or NAP (name, address, phone number) – consistent across all online media channels lends itself to a healthy local ecosystem, which, in turn, improves your local visibility.

Failure to manage a business’s local presence could result in missing major segments of your target consumers!

Help your Business

Local digital presence management can help your business by:

  • Ensuring each location is listed in the most important directories, social networks and data aggregators.
  • Reviewing, correcting and optimizing data.
  • Providing you with real-time progress reports and updates.
  • Sending you monthly reports on your listings’ performance.

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Mobile Marketing Helper is a full-service digital marketing agency that empowers clients to engage customers, drive loyalty and increase sales through any mobile device.

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