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Special Events / Promoters / Concerts / Bars / Night Clubs

Send Invites to Mobile Phones – Collect numbers either by incoming texts from printed materials or at their venue, and then send out direct marketing campaigns to the customers’ mobile phones at any time.

Examples May Include

  • Special Drinks Offer – “Get a free drink! Become a VIP-Member now and your next drink is free. As a VIP-Member you will get important Club info sent directly to your cell phone. Text INFO to 72727 to join now.”
  • Give Away Cards – Everyone wants to feel special. Offer discount cards to the customers and make their decision to come to the event or place easier.
  • VIP – Save time on VIP phone calls – now these can be automated by text message.
  • Queue Jumping – Text queue jumper tickets directly to mobile phones. Recipients show their phone with the text message showing on the screen to the doorman, and get in.
  • Event information.
  • Last-minute reminders.
  • Advertise “Keyword” in flyers that are passed out … through mass emails … Facebook …Twitter … on website … or at the event.
  • Have the DJ promote the keyword between songs.
  • Let people know about the keyword as they’re waiting in line. Maybe they can text the keyword on the spot so they don’t have to wait in line or they get discounted cover.


Example of a VIP promotions

  1. A person texts “VIPent” to 72727.
  2. Person receives an automated text message right back. Maybe something like, “Thanks for joining VIP Entertainment’s mobile list. Show this text to receive 50% off cover. Huge event this Sat at Club DFW so check it out. For more info go to”
  3. Person has opted in to join their mobile list by texting your production company’s keyword, and now using Mobile Marketing Helper, they can text this party-goer in the future to keep him/her in the loop at all times.