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What Are Beacons?

They are essentially tiny, low power computers attached to walls or objects in the physical world.

Using proximity technologies they detect human presence and behavior and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalized experiences.

It’s an opt-in tech to enhance user experience. These experiences and context-aware interactions are possible with compatible apps downloaded by those who opted-in. These apps are built on top of the iOS or Android, where we tie together proximity, security and cloud technologies.


How Does It Work?

Each beacon has a Bluetooth® Low Energy transmitter. It broadcasts tiny radio signals over the air containing unique, location-specific data.

Modern smartphones constantly scan for these signals. If they enter their range an associated app responds with the desired action.

For example, it can fetch content that is tied to a user’s profile or micro-location. Apps can also push to the cloud user data or statistics.

Personalized content is displayed as a notification or directly in the app. Nearby screens can also respond with relevant information.