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It’s Simple

People don’t redeem paper coupons like they used to. On the other hand, people have their phones with them at all times and so you can use Mobile Marketing to:

  • Collect customer data and text to inform of any new items on your menu.
  • Text with weekly specials.
  • Send out coupons.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Text with holiday wishes and specials, and bring traffic to your restaurants on key dates.

National Restaurant Association 2008 Restaurant Industry Forecast – 22% of all adults would choose to receive cell-phone notice of daily specials from their favorite full-service restaurant if they had the option … and that survey was done nearly 10 years ago.

Bottom Line

Not every day is a busy day. Especially with the economy in a slump, texting great offers is the only way to turn your slow days into busy ones without planning weeks ahead of time. Even if you have to offer discounts, it’s always better to have some business as opposed to no business.

Some Examples

To increase sales and customer loyalty, the restaurant gives a promotional card to customers and places table tents throughout the restaurant.

  • The promotional card may say something like: “SAVE NOW! Special discount! Get 50% off your entree! Join our VIP-Members program and have valuable offers sent directly to your cell phone. Send text message SAVE to 72727 now. The reply message entitles you to receive 50% off your entree.”
  • Give away cards are a very powerful and cost effective marketing tool. The same offer can also be printed on newspaper ads and direct marketing materials. Customers add themselves to the restaurant’s list by sending text message “SAVE (or any other 3-12 letter keyword that is dedicated to the restaurant) to number 72727” from their cell phones.
  • The restaurant can then send marketing messages (with a special food or drink offer) from our database to the list at a time that the restaurant knows that business is slow, creating an immediate boost in sales.

Another example might be:

  • Customer texts “Pizza” to 72727
  • Customer receives an automated text message right back. Maybe something like, “We value you as a customer!! Show this text to receive a free slice of pizza with your next purchase.”
  • By texting your keyword, the customer has opted in to join your mobile distribution list, and now using Mobile Marketing Helper you can text this person in the future to keep him/her connected.