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Marketing Examples

Grocery / Convenience Stores – Sample advertising massage displayed in store: “Big Savings! Become a Preferred Customer and get all our best special offers sent directly to your cell phone. Send text message INFO to 72727 now and get 20% off your next purchase! Text STOP to 72727 to opt-out. Standard rates apply.”

  • Sample text marketing message: “This weeks specials: Mo-We: File Mignon $8.95/lbs, Tues: Chicken Wings $1.99, Thu-Sat Pepsi 12pk $2.99, Fresh salmon on Fri. Welcome to Manor Market.”
  • Or: “Happy Thanksgiving! As a preferred customer you get 20% off of pre-ordered turkeys with this message. Please note, store is closed on Sunday 11/30. Welcome to Manor Market”

Nutrition Store – Notify customers immediately with big sales, new shipments, and important announcements. Turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer and change your slow days into busy ones.

  • Sample advertising message displayed in store: “$10.00 off of Your Next Purchase! Send text message INFO to 72727 to receive exclusive offers. You get $10 off your next purchase and a VIP member card, which entitles you to receive a 20% discount for all your purchases from our store. As a VIP member you will be receiving all our best offers and other important information directly to your cell phone. Text STOP to 72727 to opt-out. Standard rates apply.”
  • Sample text marketing message: “Nutrition expert in our store on Wednesday 5/4 from 2 to 5. Check your body fat % free and get a diet plan and 20% off on Nutrix6 supplement 5/2 – 5/14. Welcome to Family Health Market.”

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Other Examples

  • Send out coupons, special deals, and general updates.
  • Send Holiday Promotions.
  • Create and run sweepstakes.
  • Request customers’ feedback and run quick surveys on what your customers like.