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“Voice Search” Marketing Strategy

Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows users to search the internet by saying terms aloud rather than typing them into a search field.

The rise of voice search has created an enormous opportunity for business owners. Using the latest strategies, we’ll help you show up in the right searches and reach more customers.

By following strict guidelines, virtually any local business can receive a traffic boost by using the power of “Voice Search Optimization.”

There are strategies that can be used to improve the voice ranking of a local business.

KEY FACTORS of Voice Ranking

Building the correct digital presence for your business is more important than ever. In addition to helping you develop a multi-screen strategy across various digital interfaces, we can help you begin to strategize for no screen at all.

Here is a list of important ranking factors that are absolutely crucial to Voice SEO:

  1. Site Loading Speed
  2. Domain Authority
  3. Meta Tags
  4. Rich Snippets
  5. Mobile Optimized
  6. FAQ Section
  7. Optimized Images
  8. Voicified Keywords
  9. Optimized GMB (Google My Business)
  10. SSL Secured website.

FREE Voice Search Report

Purchases made through voice-powered devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are projected to explode from $2 billion now to $40 billion by 2022.

If you would like a valuable report that shows exactly how your business is represented in relation to Voice Search, simply CONTACT US and we will be happy to generate a detailed report.


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