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Kevin Cortez

Dallas, TX

Defender of all things entrepreneurial...

Kevin Cortez, founder and CEO of Mobile Marketing Helper, is an accomplished entrepreneur, dynamic keynote speaker, and inspiring author.

Kevin brings a level of business acumen to entrepreneurship that is rare in the emerging media landscape. Kevin’s strong knowledge and understanding of business challenges, as well as marketing best practices, has helped grow revenue and increase bottom-line profits for several business owners.

Prior to starting his interactive marketing agency, Kevin had a twenty-five-year track record of success in business, including leading his family’s wholesale distribution company for fifteen years, where it survived and overcame numerous challenges that threatened its overall existence and now enjoys a reputation as the largest beverage distributorship in its trading area.

Featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine as one of

“Dallas’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs”

Day in Dallas Summit

I'm Interested!

I’ve opened up my calendar so that I can spend an entire day with you addressing some of your critical business needs.

The day will be jam-packed with applicable information specific to your business. You’ll leave with some important practical advice and tools that will help you grow and scale your business.

These summits are reserved for small groups of no more than 3 people. We’re keeping it intimate so we can tailor parts of the day to you and your specific goals.

We will be in touch prior to your summit day, so we can gather info, and cater aspects of the day to your objectives. We want to build a lasting community between you and your fellow entrepreneurs.

Sessions will include a deep dive into: Marketing, Branding Strategy, Operations, Media and more that fit the groups wants and needs.


Mobile Marketing Helper is a full-service digital marketing agency that empowers clients to engage customers, drive loyalty and increase sales through any mobile device.

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