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We will be sending you a Zoom Meeting Link so you can see our computer screen – If you have not used Zoom before, it is a web-based video conferencing tool.


Make sure to find a quiet place where you will be able to give this 100% of your attention. You won’t want to get distracted or pulled into other meetings.


Make sure you get on the phone call ready to focus on your business! (It helps to be thinking of areas in your practice that need attention.)


Yes, there will be a chance to ask me questions!


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We don’t believe in handing our clients over to an “Account Executive” that may be gone the next time you need something. Our agency model is structured so you never have to bring a new person up-to-speed on the vision of your practice. You will be working directly with our CEO/Founder, Kevin Cortez 90% of the time.

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Entrepreneur Detour

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Kevin Cortez

Kevin Cortez


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Google My Business 3.0

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When I initially scheduled the strategy session, I was concerned that it might be a waste of time or worse just a sales pitch. I can honestly say that Kevin exceeded my expectations. You took the time to understand my situation and the goals of my business.

Dr. Shawn


Kevin did his due diligence prior to the call by reviewing our website, evaluating our rankings and came to the meeting prepared to share actionable insights and ideas. It was refreshing to talk with a real expert without feeling like I was getting the hard sale.

Dr. Trina


I just wanted to take a moment and send you a personal note of thanks for the information you shared on our strategy session this afternoon. I can say without any reservations that you are the real deal when it comes to SEO and internet marketing. Thanks again!

Dr. Stewart


Kevin Cortez has met and exceeded our expectations with the development and implementation of improvements to all aspects of our company. He has implemented systems that are tailored to our company, in a manner that is suited to our business.
John M.

Contractor, Canada

It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Cortez. He was able to absorb the many facets of my business quickly, and organize and convey them well. I have complete confidence that his interpretation of both my historical data and my vision are correct.
Jen P.

Wholesaler, California

With the implementation of our new organization structure, our company is seeing good profits… We now realize that it would have taken us much longer, and included many errors that might affect our productivity, had we not hired Kevin’s company.
James H.


seo tip

A lot of what we do for SEO concerns gaining backlinks to your website. The easiest way to explain this is through simple analogies…

The importance of backlinks can be likened to a vote or a reference. If 25 people refer you to a pizza place, you’ll trust that restaurant a lot more than if only one or two people refer you there. Google is the same: if 25 people link to you versus 1 person, Google trusts you a lot more.

Also, the quality of the backlink is super important. Sites with more authority are like a 5-star chef referring you to a restaurant versus just anybody off the street.

Note: Getting your website a higher quality backlink from a site like USA Today can have more of an impact on your local SEO than a bunch of low-quality links. These “votes” gained through backlinks and other SEO work are long lasting.

SEO is like a rocket ship: you have to put in a lot to get it off the ground but once you get it going, and your website is viewed by Google to be an authority, it’s much easier to keep going.

As you may know, it can be easy to go down the rabbit hole in internet marketing. SEO can help bring traffic to the site, but it’s just a piece of the marketing puzzle. Their visitors still have to fill out a form, call you, or give you their email address.

Then you need to make sure to actually answer the phone, respond to the email, obtain an appointment, etc. It’s a good idea to focus on simply the “increasing organic traffic” portion of the equation vs. promising a number of calls or sales (we don’t always control that.)

Patience is also a very important factor in what we do. In our experience, it usually takes about 3 months of consistent building to start seeing significant results. Sometimes it can be less, or sometimes it can take strategy changes after month 3.

Remember, SEO is a long-term process (and should be!). We don’t want to do anything aggressive that would damage the website, we want a nice progressive build out.