Top Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

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With all of the changes that have come in 2020, there are many new needs and updates in online marketing which leave us to question, what can we expect in 2021 for digital marketing?

First of all, expect the unexpected! As we learned early into 2020, the needs of consumers can change in an instant so always be prepared for change.

Of course we can’t predict everything that will happen in 2021 but we have clear insights into what your business can expect when it comes to 2021 trends along with different digital marketing tips and strategies that are worth utilizing.

Following are some top trends to set your sights on for 2021!

An Updated Look at SEO: Zero-Click Searches

Have you ever made a search on Google and gotten the answer without having to click a link? Well, that means you’ve already experienced a zero-click search!

We’ve broken down the specifics behind zero-click searches on our Google Strategy page, so make sure to check it out.

Now, when it comes to 2021, we can expect consumers to continue to rely on online searches more than ever before.

As we always remind our clients, you want to be at the top of the heap when it comes to Google and now, zero-click searches are a great way to get there.

When it comes to staying ahead of this trend and making sure your business appears in these featured snippets without even needing to click, there are a few different things to keep in mind.

Remember that Google uses automated systems to determine if a certain page would serve as the right fit for the zero-click snippet. To get your business featured, make sure your website has content that answers common questions that your consumers may have.

So, if you run a med spa, make sure you have blog content or new articles that answer questions about your top services for the year or the benefits as to why people need your products/services.

Your chances to appear as a zero-click search result will grow exponentially!

The New King of Content: Short-Form Videos

We know, we’re always talking about it. But the phrase, “Content is king” still holds true!

Except, maybe not in the way we knew it to be in the past.

So, what does content look like now? What makes it “king”? Well, it all goes back to the video content that we’re constantly pushing the importance of for your local business.

That’s right, content looks different now. It’s not long, detailed blogs or highly produced promotional videos, it’s all about the short-form videos.

Remember, we’re talking about trends here, and what’s trendier than video content on social media? I’m talking about quick videos on platforms like Instagram Reels, Facebook Live and, naturally, TikTok.

Attention spans are short but customer value is long, so it’s time you bring in consumers with short-form videos. This content is highly engaging, making it the ruler of all things content for your business.

We only see this trend becoming bigger as we head into 2021! In fact, TikTok has rolled out its TikTok for Business feature which offers different paid promotion and advertising outlets.  

The Latest Way to Connect: Personalization and Improved Communication

We emphasized it last year and we’re emphasizing it again for 2021!

With limited in-person interactions between you and your customers, online communication and personalization have ramped up dramatically and it’s only going to continue as we transition into the new year.

So, how can you achieve this? Look at your different resources for direct communication and utilize them to be personal to your customers.

With social media, make sure you are interacting consistently and encouraging your followers to have a conversation! Ask questions, respond to shares, etc. as a way to build your connections through a new means.

Personalize your interactions by making automated emails that are addressed to your specific customers. This is a simple but thoughtful way to reach some of your most loyal customers and email subscribers!

You can even take personalization and improved communication to a new level by writing individualized notes.

If a brand new customer makes a purchase, write them a quick thank you note, or send a short but personal thank you email to your loyal customers as a way to show your appreciation for their continued support.

Personalization and increased communication may seem simple, but it makes all the difference when it comes to customer loyalty, especially as the new year takes shape.

So, it’s time to get talking and building connections!

How to Keep Customers Up to Date: Optimized Google Listings

Some of the biggest Google news to come out of 2020 was the addition of new attributes to GMB listings that include details about whether a business has online care, appointments, estimates or classes.

All of these additions have come out of the growing need for online services and this need will be present and have room for more growth in the new year.

To get your Google listing set up with these new attributes for 2021, make sure to follow our step-by-step details.

Optimize your page even more by going through the approval process to add a Google Guarantee badge to your profile. This simple checkmark can build reliability and legitimacy in your business.

Customer Convenience is Changing: New Options for Accessibility

2020 reigned in the era of increased customer convenience and 2021 will require that even small businesses offer these means for accessibility.

What exactly does small business accessibility look like? Well, you’ve probably heard of the option to “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) and it’s centered around this concept.

As a small business with now limited means for bringing customers in-store, offering a BOPIS option for your customers is a great opportunity to keep the momentum going for your business.

On top of this, when customers are choosing between a business that offers BOPIS versus one that does not, they are likely to visit the one that is more convenient and requires less physical interaction.

Naturally, this can put your business ahead of your competitors. It makes it clear to customers that you are ahead of necessary trends and customer needs and it also makes the process of purchasing your products even simpler!

With a new year ahead of us, we see the need for business accessibility to grow and ultimately, the resources for achieving this to expand beyond the current buy online, pick up in-store feature.

So, is your local business set up to offer this buy online, pick up in-store to your customers?

Final Thoughts

As 2021 is now upon us, take this information as a chance to adapt and integrate these upcoming trends for your 2021 marketing.

You’ll find your business ahead of the curve with the help of these trends!